Arendelle Emotions

skw Arendelle Emotions (small)Media: Pencil (drawing), Photoshop (colors)

Description:  The Pixar film Inside Out is about the emotions in Riley’s head, but as the credits start to roll, we see the emotions in some other people’s heads.  But unlike some Pixar films (and some Disney films), in Inside Out, there’s no final sequence at the very end of the credits.  One day, I was daydreaming about what the filmmakers could have put at the very end, and I thought it would have been funny if they’d used the same ending from Frozen (different studio, I know, but it was a daydream), in which the Marshmallow makes his way back to Elsa’s ice castle and finds her crown; but in this version, we could see the emotions in his head.  The picture above was the result of that daydream.

And here’s a related sketch:

skw Arendelle Anger sketch (small)